Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blogging Challenge 8

        Blogging Challenge 8

Ten things that I like 
I like playing soccer and watching it.It's a fun sport.I also like it cause you can get a lot of strength in your leg muscle.Most who play this sport are Latinos and are pretty good.There are different types of moves that you can do.It's a fun sport that you can enjoy just like I do.

2.supra shoes

Supra shoes are cool and there are different kinds of supra.It kind of tells people how much swag you got and about yourself.That's one reason I like them, another reason would be because famous people have wore supra shoes.Like Drake and Lil Wayne they are rappers that I hear.I like the style and the way they made supra shoes. 

          3.Cadillac shoes
Cadillac shoes are another brand of shoes that I like.Lots of rappers wear them and they have been in the top of shoes of the world twice.I like the design and the name.Who ever made this shoes was talented. 

I like pizza a lot when I get hungry,pizza is the thing that I eat.Plus I live close to Little Cesar's so I get pizza when I don't have nothing to eat.That's what me and my friends always get on weekends when we hangout. 

I like tacos a lot especially the ones that my mother makes she 100% Mexican.Tacos are like the very first dish that mexicans made.It's really mexican.Most of my friends have tasted tacos from Taco Bell but it isn't the same as eating one that a real mexican made.

Mostly I listen to rap music because of the beat and the lyrics that they make.

Football is like the only American sport that I like.I don't play football for real though we play catch.Just like soccer you run but you mostly use your hands.I watch football then and now not much though.My favorite team are the Baltimore Ravens.It was the first team that I watched and I thought they were beast.

                                           8.Call of Duty:Black Ops 
                                        I like playing Call of Duty because I like guns and    stuff like that.I think that its not that bad but people have a right to their opinion.

10.Big Macs 
Every time I go to Mc Donald's I get a big mac.It has everything and I get full really quick.It has Beef  Sauce, Shredded Lettuce, Pickle Slices, and Onions.It's my favorite hambuger.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Blogging Challenge 6


 When I goggled myself I found two images of myself.One was of my twitter profile picture and the other was of the old one that I used to have of twitter.Mostly the images were of my last name.Not many stuff was of me cause I know what to post on websites,cause I don't post bad stuff.You should googled yourself and see what comes up.Be careful what you post on Facebook or Twitter because everyone can see it.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blogging Challenge 4

    Blogging Challenge
Using pictures in a post

  In our class we are talking about how to get pictures online legally using certain websites and we
needed a topic. So I picked cars for my topic because I thought that it was going to be the easiest
topic because lot of cars came to mind.I also chose cars because I like,Bugatti,mustangs,corvettes,and Cadillac.Each picture that I got were different and cool.I think no one thought of doing cars so it's cool that I'm the only one doing this project on cars.I hope that you like it!

Blogging Challenge 2

Blogging Challenge
"Freedom of Choice"
I going to talk about soccer it's a interesting sport and it is called Football in other countries like Mexico and all Central America. It's the national sport of the countries in Central America.I like soccer more than any other sport.I like making goals or being the goal keeper.Its fun but it gets you tired easily, it's a good exercise though.In soccer you can play with a lot of people.That's why it's fun because no one gets left out.Soccer is a great sport!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge

          Student Blogging Challenge

The  people that I would meet

Dj Drama
  How old are you?

Dj Pauly d
 Are you happy with g-unit records?

Did you ever think that you would so successful in the music industrial?

Martin Luther king Jr
Did you ever had a other dream that you didn't accomplished?

President Obama
If you wouldn't of been president, what would have done?

Samuel Kanners
How did you come up with the name of this shoe brand?

Angel Cabada

Did you ever think that the supras would of been a huge hit?

Dj Blend

Do you wear the mask every minute?

Gerardo Ortiz
What's your favorite mexican food?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

                        Welcome to my portfolio! This is the place to be! Like a real G!
 I want to welcome you all and I hope we communicate through this portfolio and have a good time.  The purpose for this portfolio is so people can think,comment,and share their opinions about this portfolio,but don't share your opinion if it's a bad one only share your comment if it's a nice comment.If you want to then get out of my portfolio,simple as that.